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Flying Vicariously

Posted by Chris Cantrall on October 23, 2007

Hey there everyone (or no one, at least yet). Flying Vicariously (FlyVi), is a blog dedicated to general aviation from the perspective of someone who has had only minimal exposure but an infinite amount of desire. FlyVi will look at general aviation from the outsider’s view in an attempt to gain and spread basic knowledge for those who haven’t the will or the means to go and get themselves a license or a plane.

Sure, it seems a bit odd at first. An outsider writing about something he has so little firsthand experience with, but my mission here is to cover the exploration of the topic, hobby, and career, more so than act as a definitive guide.

As for who I am: I’m 22 and currently a senior in college. Next year I’ll be heading off to law school, and upon my completion of three years of that, I will obtain my private pilot’s license (student loan repayment be damned!) and thus obsolete the title of this blog.

In the meantime, as a poor college student unable to get a license, I’ll document everything I can on the subject. Planes, procedures, pictures, news. After all, if you can’t enjoy general aviation as a certified pilot, you might as well do it vicariously.


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